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Small Estate Planning/Guardianship and Conservatorship

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Ms. Drake assists clients with small estate planning. She prepares general or financial powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney and living wills. Ms. Drake also prepares Wills and Wills with contingent minor trusts.


During consultation, Ms. Drake will review all of your assets and discuss the method of transfer upon death. She will discuss how to effectively use beneficiary provisions and other mechanisms to avoid probate and make transfers as easy as possible for your loved ones.

If you have minor children or grandchildren, Ms. Drake will discuss whether a Will with a contingent minor’s trust is necessary and how it works.

Guardianship and Conservatorships

Have you found yourself in a position where you are taking care of someone in your household and need to seek a guardianship? Many times, family members will be caring for grandchildren or nieces or nephews and need the ability to obtain medical care or enroll the child in school.

Many insurance plans allow you to add a Minor Ward to your health plan. A guardianship can help. Ms. Drake will discuss what a guardianship is and the procedure to obtain one. Ms. Drake can prepare and work for you to ensure the process moves through the courts as expeditiously as possible.


A conservatorship can be put in place when a minor has assets which need to be managed or an adult is not able to manage his or her own affairs due to incapacity. There are statutory requirements which must be met. Ms. Drake will meet with you and discuss the needs of that person. If she believes a conservatorship is necessary, she can represent you and assist you with the process.

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