Child Support Modification

If there is a substantial and continuing change of circumstances, you may be able to seek modification of child support and/or maintenance. Contractual maintenance agreements cannot be modified. These changes occur due to a loss of employment, increase/decrease in income in one/both former spouses, increase in overnight parenting time, disability or other reasons which support modification.

Parenting Time Modification

Parenting time schedules can be modified where a schedule change is in the best interest of a child. A change in the residential parent cannot be made unless there is endangerment, physical or emotional, in the residential parent’s home. Schedule changes may be necessary due to a number of factors. Some of these reasons are a change in the child’s age, change in work schedule or a relocation.

In some instances, there is endangerment in a household and a parent must file emergency motions to restrict parenting time. A parent must be able to show by clear and convincing evidence that endangerment has occurred.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, please call me. I have prepared and filed successful modifications for over twenty years.