Family Divorce ChildrenDivorce is about change – major changes.  The decisions you make about each of those changes can affect the rest of your life and the lives of other family members.  After almost 18 years of marriage, I went through a divorce. Through that experience, I gained insight and empathy as to what my clients go through in the divorce process.  The changes can be confusing and you may be vulnerable.  Your emotions and  judgment may be clouded.    During the dissolution process, you will be forced to make decisions on the following areas:

Property valuation/division: Finances are often a major concern in a divorce. What is included in marital property?  How will it be divided?  How will a home or a business be valued for purposes of property division?  Is the other party being honest about the assets?  Are assets hidden?

Child Custody: What does the best interest of the child mean?  How can parents work together to assure their children suffer the least anxiety?  What parenting schedule is best?

Child Support: What does the child support guidelines mean?  How will I pay the school fees, for extracurricular activities such as hockey or soccer?

Maintenance: Will I have to pay maintenance?  What if I can’t support myself?  How long will I receive maintenance?

Strong objective, compassionate counsel is invaluable to assist you with the process. I have negotiated settlements and went to trial for my clients for over twenty years

My philosophy is to attempt to obtain an equitable settlement which meets my client’s goals and, only if we are unable to reach an equitable settlement, go to trial.

I pay attention to every detail in each case so I can present your side effectively. I take each case very seriously and ensure I am always prepared to provide you with the highest quality of legal representation. I realize this is your life, your future and your children’s future.